Rules & Agreements

1. General rules

1.1 Only people of full age can become the clients of the company.
1.2 Registration procedure is mandatory for those who wish to become investors of the company.
1.3 By registering at our website as an investor you accept all the rules of the service.
1.4 In case of violation of any of the rule we will have to take relative steps:
• First violation entails a written warning to your mailing address.
• Further violations give the company a right to break all relations with such an investor unilaterally.
1.5 The company has a right for amendments and correction of the current regulations.
1.6 In case of any changes in the current regulations, the company shall notify all its investors 2 days prior to making such changes.

2. Investment rules

2.1 Each deposited investment is considered a private transaction between the company and the client.
2.2 The client shall agree that all financial transactions are carried out at his/her sole discretion and own risk. The amount of a deposit shall be defined by the client personally.
2.3 Term of return on investment with consistent income as well as interest rate depend on amount of invested money.
2.4 All transactions on the website, including deposit of account and withdrawal, are carried out in Bitcoin only.

3. Privacy policy

All the information provided by the investor to the company is mandatory and strictly confidential.
3.1 The company guarantees strict confidentiality of all clients-investors and safety of the data provided by them.
3.2 We guarantee security of the information on financial transactions between the client and the company as well as between the company and the investors.

4. Partner program

4.1 Any client of the company may participate in referral and partner program.
4.2 It is prohibited to use methods of obtrusive advertising or viral distribution of your personal referral link for obtaining additional benefit.
4.3 If the company detects violations stated in clause 4.2., it retains a right to break all options of cooperation with such an investor unilaterally.

5. Disclaimer

5.1 Any information or materials our website contains should be regarded as it is. This means all the information should be comprehended in its literal sense, not containing any obvious or implicit guarantees.
5.2 Available contents of the website should not be regarded by the client as insurance, fiscal, legal or investment recommendations. Information available at the website should not be regarded as alleged advice, direct opinion of the company or instruction of the third parties. The company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, drawdown of the client or for the use of any information from our website.

6. Final provisions

6.1 As soon as the investor completes registration at the website, all the above mentioned rules shall come into force.
6.2 It is strictly prohibited to invest criminal money.

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